Terry Miller is an exceptional Salesforce consultant that I, and our entire team, highly recommend. We were very fortunate to find Terry. He has a great overall knowledge of business and strategy and can translate that into how best to optimize Salesforce. Terry is incredibly responsive, very easy to work with and rapidly became a valued member of our team.

John Williams



I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that you have done to help us with Salesforce and for your flexibility with us since we have met.  You have made a significant difference to our team with your expertise and your character, and your leadership is top notch!   Just want you to know that people like you don’t come a long every day – We are so lucky to have you as a partner!  I just wanted to make sure you know that, I really can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate you and how special you are.

Angela M. Stallkamp
Hagie Manufacturing Company



I have worked with Terry for the last year and he has worked with our company for approximately a year and a half. During this time, Terry has been a very intricate part of our Salesforce.com development and administration. Terry has been a joy to work with and has helped make Salesforce.com a part of our business success rather than just a tool we use.

Terry has been responsible for creating a user friendly custom quoting tool (Sales Worksheet) which feed information into our customer agreements, developing custom lead/contact assignments, designing and customizing Salesforce.com to be used for time tracking against projects, and so much more!

We have grown to depend on Terry as not only a development/administration resource, but also as someone who can help us understand business problems/requirements and translate them into a solution within Salesforce.com. Terry’s understanding of our business as well has his past business interactions allow him to be looked at by business leaders with respect and trust.

I would recommend Terry to any company utilizing Salesforce.com and look forward to continuing to work with him!

Stephanie Weir
Web Filings



Terry has been a tremendous asset to my company and our management team working as an independent consultant in a variety of roles for over two years. His overall knowledge with IT processes, functions, Salesforce, along with his management & people skills has been beneficial to us in so many ways. He has a unique ability to take his knowledge to teach others who may not be technological savvy with his insight and teaching style which he adapts to each individual.

Most recently, he recommended we look into using Salesforce.com to better track our customers, their service requests and a diverse host of other custom items specific to the
commercial janitorial business. Prior to Terry’s recommendation much of our data was either tracked in disparate systems or on paper and there was little confidence in the information we had.

We’ve been using Salesforce now for 5 months and my staff consistently comments on how much easier their job is now. Terry helped us cleanse, import and centralize all our data. We no longer miss sales opportunities and we’re able to make strategic decisions based on factual information. This is a project I would not have attempted to tackle without his help. His diligence in learning our business proved to be a major asset for us. He worked side-by-side with my staff helping them learn the system and creating simple to follow user guide to help them. Due to his support, we have 100% user adoption within the office. We are now in the process of implementing the customer portal.

I could not be more pleased with his work, the teamwork and results we’ve achieved because of his passion to serve.

Rich Emery
ServiceMaster Green



We have had the privilege of working with Terry Miller, of Home Team Enterprises, for about a year. During that time, Terry supported our extremely complex and customized Salesforce platform. It is with complete confidence that I can recommend him for his expertise and meticulous service to our organization.

Some background: Pathfinder Business Strategies is a firm of CPA’s and attorneys providing tax reduction and asset protection strategies to business owners and other high net worth individuals. Needless to say we rely on our IT platform as a critical part of our service.

Our needs combined a mix of Salesforce standard users and Partner Portal users. Prior to Terry’s involvement, we had a developer who built numerous custom web interfaces into our system. At the time, custom development was the only approach we were aware of to accomplish our business objectives. However and over time that approach proved to be too complex and ultimately unsustainable. Terry was invaluable to us as he single handedly unraveled and rebuilt our Salesforce environment based on current Salesforce best practices.

Some of the changes Terry helped us implement included:
• Email Marketing with Vertical Response
• Marketing Campaigns
• Client Satisfaction Surveys using Timba Software
• Custom Commission Management solution

He also designed a complete project strategy for:
• A new Customer Portal
• A new Online Webinar signup and Payment Processing solution

As our company focus and needs changed, the Management Team decided to discontinue the Salesforce application. Since that time, we greatly miss the support Terry provided us. His responsiveness and expertise was second to none. He always demonstrated great patience with me personally and with our team, and provided as much education on our system as we could manage. He was always at least three steps ahead of us, bringing improvements, new ideas and out of the box thinking that saved us time and resources. It was evident he genuinely cared about providing us a better, more sustainable system. He’s support has been greatly missed and it is without hesitation we would recommend him to anyone looking for outstanding Salesforce support and development.

Patricia Hope Miles
Client Services Manager
Pathfinder Business Strategies, LLC