Terry’s Tidbits: Salesforce 2019 Summer Release Top Ten

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May 9, 2019

Terry’s Tidbits: Salesforce 2019 Summer Release Top Ten

Summer 2019 Release Notes

I’m a little late to the Release Note party but wanted to be sure to share my top ten list.  Life has been busy but enough about me, let’s get to the good stuff Salesforce has been up to.  Here’s my favorite items in the new 2019 Summer Release:

1. Add In-App Guidance for Training, Onboarding, and News

This isn’t a replacement for a full featured in-app guidance app like Walk-Me but for simple tips, this is a nice feature.  When enabled, you’re able to give your users customized on-screen help.  It’s worth your time to play with this feature. 

Go into Setup and in the quick search, type and select “In-App Guidance”.  Press the Add Prompt button and a menu bar will appear at the top of the page allowing you to add the content you wish, where and how you want.  It’s pretty cool.

2. Related Lists with Enhanced Related Lists

We’re now able to customize the number of records to display; no longer limited to the five.  We can also show up to 10 columns.  This will make many of my customers very happy. 

Open up the Lightning Record Page and select the Related List component.  In the control panel, change the Related List Type to “Enhanced List” to set the number of records.  To show more columns, change the Related Lists field using the standard Page Layouts.

3. Related List with Quick Filters

I’m a fan of how Salesforce is making their List View filters more user friendly.  The ability to simply click some common options instead of having to create formula like filters is a significant enhancement for the typical user. 

4. Send Surveys for Free

Sometimes Salesforce gives us a free gift.  This is one of those times.  Surveys used to be an additional license fee.  Now you’re able to take advantage of this feature but there is a catch; only the first 300 responses are free.  Send as many as you’d like but you’ll want to check with your Account Executive on how the response numbers are billed.  It is not clear if the 300 response limit is per survey, per month, or total period!

You’ll need to grant access to the users you wish to create surveys.  I’d recommend setting up a Permission Set for this.  You’ll also need to Active this feature.  In Setup, search for “Survey Settings”.

5. See Which Objects Were Searched at a Glance

This is a simple little thing but sometimes it’s the simple things that make a difference.  It’s nice that you can quickly see which objects have records, when searching.  This feature is on by default.

6. View Records Using Full View

Options are good.  Especially when trying to transition from one old but comfortable look to a new Lightning Experience look.  Now within Lightning, we have both a “Grouped View”, the original Lightning look, and the new “Full View”, which looks like an updated Salesforce Classic design.

In Setup, search for and select “Record Page Settings”.  This is an Org wide setting, so choose carefully. 

7. Set Org Defaults for How Activities Display on Record Pages

Similar to the Full View and Grouped View option is the “Related List” and “Activity Timeline” option, specifically related to Activities.  I’ve had many customers complain to me about Lightning’s Activity Timeline.  Now, as an Admin, you can give your users a look more similar to how Activities displayed in Classic.  Welcome back Open Activities and Activity History related lists.

This setting is also on the “Record Page Settings” in Setup.  It too is an Org Wide setting.

8. Territory Management Objects in Lightning Experience

I know not many of my clients use Territory Management, but it does have some practical uses.  Some management features hadn’t been moved over to Lightning but now you’ll find all the Territory objects in the Object Manager.

9. New Enhanced Letterhead

We can now standardize the information in the header and footer of our email templates.  User will not be able to edit the header or footer once inserted into their Lightning Email.

Click on the App Launcher, or what some refer to as the “waffle” icon, and search for “Enhanced Letterhead”.  This is only available to System Administrators.

10. Conditional Formatting on Reports

Conditional formatting allows us to highlight things that matter our summary and matrix reports. This feature was in beta but is not generally available.

Open any summary or matrix report that has at least one measure.  In the lower right footer of the report is a “Conditional Formatting” button.  It took me forever to find but it’s down where all the toggles for Row Count, Detail Rows, etc are.  Complete the rules and you’re ready to go.

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