Connecting to your Customers Made Easier with Salesforce Inbox

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Connecting to your Customers Made Easier with Salesforce Inbox

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Applies to: Classic and Lightning

Gaining a competitive advantage in todays business environment requires a technology that enables you to leverage all your customer relationships. Salesforce has brought “Relationship Intelligence” technology to its latest integration app called the Salesforce Inbox, which replaces SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud.

What you can do with Salesforce Inbox:

1. Connect your inbox to Salesforce – This connection allows you to see relevant Sales Cloud data that helps you understand the context of all interactions with your customers. You no longer have to toggle between your inbox and Salesforce when creating new leads, contacts, and opportunities and even logging emails to Sales Cloud; these can all be done in your inbox.

2. Compose emails with Salesforce Email templates – Composing emails in your inbox is now easier because the templates in Salesforce can now be integrated in your email. Text and HTML email templates are supported, except the Visualforce templates.

3. Log both emails and files attached to email messages is now possible with Salesforce Inbox.

4. Add availability to your email – This feature boosts your efficiency as email and calendars are synced enabling you to schedule and coordinate meetings easily. Your customer can book a meeting with you in just one click after you added your availability to an email you sent to that customer.

5. Receive intelligent reminders – Salesforce Inbox is a form of technology called Relationship Intelligence. Based on the data from communications through emails and phone calls, including meetings with your clients or anyone from your sales team involved in a certain deal, Relationship Intelligence analyzes and processes all the data. Then based on the analysis, notifications are sent to you indicating what needs follow up and even sends you read receipts.  You will no longer miss any opportunities and deals with your clients.

6. Send emails efficiently – With email templates and quick attachments replying to your clients is effortless.  Even more impressive is that with Salesforce Inbox, you can schedule to send an email to customers at a later time.

7. Connect to Salesforce 1 Mobile App directly – Data is a valuable asset when selling. Digging deeper to your CRM data is a good practice. Updating fields and gaining insights will help you achieve 100% accuracy in your data. This can be done easily when your Salesforce Inbox is connected to your Salesforce1 mobile app. A record in Salesforce Inbox can be tapped to open the client’s record in Salesforce1.

Spending more time connecting with your customers is the key to selling more. But that can be hard when you are bogged down with tedious tasks like updating CRM data, replying to emails, and scheduling meetings. Moreover, when you are handling multiple clients, you can be prone to missing emails. With the new Salesforce Inbox, you can now focus more on connecting with your customers with efficiency like no other.

How to setup Salesforce Inbox

  1. Downloading the app for your platform: iOS mobile app, Android mobile app, Chrome extension, or Outlook for Mac or Windows.
    For iOS and Android, it supports Gmail, Exchange, and Office 365. For Chrome extension, it supports Gmail, and lastly for Outlook, it supports Exchange and Office 365 as well.
  2. Once prompted during installation make sure to connect to an email account you will be using. And with that, you can now start using Salesforce Inbox.

While Salesforce Inbox is not a free app, it will help you connect smarter with your clients.  It’s Relationship Intelligence supports your efforts to be more aware of their needs, and makes it easier for you and your team to make effective decisions in providing services to them.

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