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Tap on Terry and Kylie's expertise to meet your Salesforce needs. Book an appointment now to avail any of these services.

1. Salesforce Implementation

Making Complex Things Simple

Terry and Kylie have completed over a hundred implementations, both large and small. They seeks first to understand your needs before recommending a solution for you. You can be assured a well designed solution that meets your unique business needs.

No matter how complex your needs are, Terry and kylie will work with you to find a solution that is both manageable and effective. Your cloud based implementation will be executed seamlessly as we work together.


2. Technical Architect

Doing it right the first time

Salesforce certifications represent deep knowledge and experience. Terry and Kylie are certified Applications Architect and nearing the System Architect certification. This represents a very elite group within the Salesforce ecosystem. Put Terry and Kylie's expertise to work for you.

With over twenty years of experience building systems, Terry and Kylie have the technical ability to help you accomplish the most demanding requirements.


3. Strategic Planning

Your Trusted Technical Architect

Designing your Salesforce systems for continued growth and scale-ability is critical. We will work together to outline a strategic course for record growth. We have the expertise to help you understand your opportunities and resolve your pain points. Not everything has to be done immediately but having a game plan will give you a strategic edge as you take steps to transform your organization.


4. Salesforce Administration

Helping You Get Things Done

Your business is always evolving and your Salesforce solutions should as well. They need regular care and expert attention. Terry and Kylie care as much about improving end user productivity and minimizing costs as much as you do. So whether you're need help managing your solution on a day to day basis or looking for help with a new enhancement, We are here to help.

Breathe new life into your Salesforce system by delivering new features and functionality. Your business is constantly evolving with new processes and requirements. Sometimes little changes and tweaks have the biggest impact.


5. Custom Salesforce Development

Designing Solutions Around Your Needs

Sometimes requirements require us to move beyond point-n-click and we need to code. Using Apex triggers or Lightning development strategies, we open up nearly endless capabilities. Terry and Kylie will work side-by-side with you to model a solution that meets your exacting needs.


6. Salesforce Data Migration

Businesses Run on Data

Migrations aren't always fun but they are a key piece of a successful implementation. Bring you legacy data or key business data into Salesforce to gain better visibility and reporting. Make better business decisions by leveraging all available data.


7. Salesforce Integration

Bring Everything Together

Creating a 360 degree view of your customer is a critical piece to improving employee efficiency and customer satisfaction. It allows the little guy to complete often better than the big guys. Setup your critical systems to communicate and share information to gain a greater level of efficiency and competitive advantage.

Salesforce provides numerous options to bring information together. A simple nightly load of ERP data can simplify visibility and reporting. Terry and Kylie can help you with the deeper system integration where presenting and updating real-time information from other systems is required.


8. Salesforce Training

A Key Element for User Adoption

Provide staff with the knowledge they need to succeed. It's not enough to just hand a system over and expect staff to be proficient. Terry and Kylie will partner with you to help staff understand Salesforce and how to use it effectively.

Training is not a one time event; it needs to be an ongoing process.


9. Salesforce Mentoring

Learn How It's Done

This is one of Terry's favorite things to do. If you or your team needs a coach to help them expand their Salesforce skills, then Terry and Kylie are a perfect fit for you. Patiently explaining not only the how but the why they do things the way they do.


10. Salesforce Subcontracting

Treating Your Clients as Mine Own

Augment your staffing needs with the expertise needed to accomplish your business goals. You will not find a better partner. Terry and Kylie approach clients with professionalism and are consently listening to their needs to insure complete satisfaction.


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