The first release of the year is in, and it’s got many users excited with new features and functionality.

This makes Salesforce even more exciting for us users, and to the businesses that will be benefitting from the improvements in each new release.

Here are the top features that I am particularly excited about because of the way they are drastically going to change the way I work with Salesforce and the many possibilities for creating process improvements that will better contribute to customer success.


Salesforce overall

Improvements in productivity will be observed with a personalized navigation bar in the Lightning version, which allows you to accommodate personal preferences in the way you work.

See a tutorial about the personalized navigation feature here:

Search for the accounts and files you need quickly through the filters provided. The Top Results page has also been enhanced, as it now shows the results that are most relevant to you at the top.

You’ll also see more objects are already searchable such as Email Message, Folder, Return Order, Return Order Line Item, and Survey.

This feature is available in: All Editions except


It’s also now more fun to use a CRM when you can customize it with brand images and colors built around a theme.

See the tutorial about custom theming and branding here:

This feature is available in: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions


If collecting customer feedback and data through surveys are an important strategy for you company, you are in for a treat with the native Surveys app!

Here is an introduction to the Salesforce surveys platform:



The sales process will be further streamlined by speeding up the conversion process for sales teams that don’t create opportunities when they convert leads.


Duplicate records a pain for your organization? Now it is easy to manage duplicate records with the Duplicate Jobs feature allows you to report on, view, and merge duplicates which already exist in your system.

Available in: Performance and Unlimited Editions



Support agents will now have on hand the most critical information they need during a particular customer interaction with Case Path.

This feature allows organizations to determine the stages of customer interaction according to their own unique process. Important details and even tips to guide the agent along their interaction are also provided.

Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions


Agents can also have a faster response time with the availability of Quick Text, which are predefined messages in the service console.

Repetitive tasks can also be avoided by using macros on more object records.


Reports and Dashboards

With the Spring ’18 release features it has become easier to organize and interpret data, and in a visually appealing package at that through customizable colors and background themes.

The Lightning Report Builder allows you to categorize and summarize charts, graphs and numbers in new ways, so you can easily find the specific statistics that are necessary in a particular scenario.

Explore the new Einstein Analytics here:

Once you have found the reports and dashboard folders you need using Salesforce search, you can favorite it for easy access later.

Available in: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

Have you already started to use these new features? How do you like them?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Terry Miller
Terry has spent over 20 years focused on business leadership and information technology. As an independent consultant, he enjoys working with a variety of customers to help them solve business problems using the Salesforce® platform. His ability to quickly identify bottlenecks and provide understandable solutions has gained him the trust of his customers. If you're looking for expert guidance on your next Salesforce® project, click here to contact Terry today.

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