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May 8, 2019
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July 30, 2019

Click to Dial from Salesforce

I was playing around with a thought the other day. When my iPhone rings, it shows up on my Apple Watch, my iPad, and my MacBook Pro. I can answer that call from any of those devices. That got me thinking, I wonder if I could click a link on my laptop, that would make an outbound call. The answer is, YES, you can dial from your browser and here’s how.

It turns out there is a universal URL schema called “tel:”. It works like the “mailto:” command. If you type: tel://5155555555 into the browser’s URL, it will use your default calling app to place that phone call.

I took it step further and created a link within Salesforce and voila (or wa-lah for us non-French people), I have a free and simple click to dial. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Create a Formula Field

· Go to Setup and to the Contact Object Manager

· Create a new field of Type Formula:

o Output Type: Text

o Field Label: “Call w/Facetime”

o Formula: HYPERLINK(“tel://” + Phone, “Click to Dial”, “_blank” )

Step 2: Add the field to the Page Layout

Step 3: Open a Contact and test it out

Where the Click to Dial link can be found.

When I click the “Click to Dial”, Facetime is launched, and a confirmation message appears.  The first time I did this, I received an additional prompt asking me to confirm it was okay to open the link.  I clicked the checkbox to Always open these links and proceeded. 

Facetime call is launched

Press the Call button and voila, the computer called my contact.

Now on Microsoft Windows

Since the “Tel:” schema is universal, I thought I’d try this out on my windows computer.  In theory, it should work too.  Here’s what happened on Windows.

First, I had to confirm the opening of the “tel:” link.  That was the same as on my Mac but my Mac already knew what App to use. 

Open pick an app

On Windows, I had to select my calling app.  You should be able to use Skype or Microsoft Teams.  Once I selected my app, I received the prompt to place the call.

Select calling app


Hope you have fun as much fun with this I did.  This isn’t a perfect solution but for a simple and free solution, you might want to give it a try.

If you have questions or need some help, just yell.  You can reach me using my contact form here

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