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My name is Terry and I want to help you achieve your goals. My company, Home Team Consulting, will take time to listen to you as we design tailored Salesforce solutions around your business processes. Home Team Consulting would like to work with you to transform your marketing, sales, and support processes.
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-Terry Miller

Where are you in your Salesforce Journey?

Questioning if Salesforce is right for you?
  • Do you need help creating a roadmap for a potential implementation?
  • Do you have technical questions you'd like answers to prior to purchasing Salesforce?
  • Recommended Services: Technical Architect, Strategic Planning
Do you need help in implementing Salesforce?
  • Do you want to implement Salesforce more effectively?
  • Do you need help with best practices?
  • Do you want to ensure a solid architecture that will set you up for success?
  • Recommended Services: Technical Architect, Strategic Planning, Salesforce Implementation, Salesforce Administration, Data Migration
Do you want to enhance your Salesforce use?
  • Are you having trouble with user adoption?
  • Are you not getting the business information you need?
  • Other departments want to start using Salesforce
  • Recommended Services: Technical Architect, Salesforce Administration
Do you need an Expert?
  • Do you need help with more complex projects?
  • Do you need an extra hand to get the job done?
  • Do you need an Expert whom your team would can go to for questions?
  • Recommended Services: Salesforce Administration, Custom Salesforce Development, Salesforce Mentoring, Salesforce Subcontracting
Do you want to revamp your Salesforce?
  • Do you need to update your Salesforce to better support the changes occurring in your business?
  • Do you have a lot of technical debt and you want to clean up your system?
  • Do you need a more efficient Salesforce solution where your staff see less noise?
  • Recommended Services: Technical Architect, Salesforce Administration
Do you need to Improve your ROI?
  • Do you need help with training and user adoption?
  • Do you need better reports and dashboards?
  • Do you need to integrate with other systems?
  • Recommended Services: Strategic Planning, Salesforce Administration, Salesforce Integration, Salesforce Training
Does your team need training?
  • Are your users asking for tips and tricks to make their use of Salesforce more efficient?
  • Are you an accidental admin who wants to learn how to best support and maintain Salesforce?
  • Do you need help in learning new Salesforce functionalities?
  • Recommended Services: Salesforce Administration, Salesforce Mentoring, Salesforce Training
  • It happens. So, just reach out and let’s figure things out together.
  • Recommended Services: Salesforce Mentoring

My Services

Salesforce Implementation

Making Complex Things Simple

  • Terry has completed over a hundred implementations, both large and small. He seeks first to understand your needs before recommending a solution for you. You can be assured a well designed solution that meets your unique business needs.
  • No matter how complex your needs are, Terry will work with you to find a solution that is both manageable and effective. Your cloud based implementation will be executed seamlessly as we work together.
Technical Architect

Doing it right the first time

  • Salesforce certifications represent deep knowledge and experience. Terry is a certified Applications Architect and nearing the System Architect certification. This represents a very elite group within the Salesforce ecosystem. Put Terry's expertise to work for you.
  • With over twenty years of experience building systems, Terry has the technical ability to help you accomplish the most demanding requirements.
Strategic Planning

Your Trusted Technical Architect

    • Designing your Salesforce systems for continued growth and scale-ability is critical. We will work together to outline a strategic course for record growth. Terry has the expertise to help you understand your opportunities and resolve your pain points. Not everything has to be done immediately but having a game plan will give you a strategic edge as you take steps to transform your organization.


Salesforce Administration

Helping You Get Things Done

  • Your business is always evolving and your Salesforce solutions should as well. They need regular care and expert attention. Terry cares as much about improving end user productivity and minimizing costs as much as you do. So whether you're need help managing your solution on a day to day basis or looking for help with a new enhancement, Terry is here to help.
  • Breathe new life into your Salesforce system by delivering new features and functionality. Your business is consently evolving with new processes and requirements. Sometimes little changes and tweaks have the biggest impact.
Custom Salesforce Development

Designing Solutions Around Your Needs

  • Sometimes requirements require us to move beyond point-n-click and we need to code. Using Apex triggers or Lightning development strategies, we open up nearly endless capabilities. Terry will work side-by-side with you to model a solution that meets your exacting needs.
Salesforce Data Migration

Businesses Run on Data

  • Migrations aren't always fun but they are a key piece of a successful implementation. Bring you legacy data or key business data into Salesforce to gain better visibility and reporting. Make better business decisions by leveraging all available data.
Salesforce Integration

Bring Everything Together

  • Creating a 360 degree view of your customer is a critical piece to improving employee efficiency and customer satisfaction. It allows the little guy to complete often better than the big guys. Setup your critical systems to communicate and share information to gain a greater level of efficiency and competitive advantage.
  • Salesforce provides numerous options to bring information together. A simple nightly load of ERP data can simplify visibility and reporting. Terry can help you with the deeper system integration where presenting and updating real-time information from other systems is required.
Salesforce Training

A Key Element for User Adoption

  • Provide staff with the knowledge they need to succeed. It's not enough to just hand a system over and expect staff to be proficient. Terry will partner with you to help staff understand Salesforce and how to use it effectively.
  • Training is not a one time event; it needs to be an ongoing process.
Salesforce Mentoring

Learn How It's Done

  • This is one of Terry's favorite things to do. If you or your team needs a coach to help them expand their Salesforce skills, then Terry is a perfect fit for you. Patiently explaining not only the how but the why he does things the way he does.


Salesforce Subcontracting

Treating Your Clients as My Own

  • Augment your staffing needs with the expertise needed to accomplish your business goals. You will not find a better partner. Terry approaches clients with professionalism and is consently listening to their needs to insure complete satisfaction.


About Me

I'm Terry Miller and I've been designing enterprise-level systems for over 25 years. Over the last ten years, I've focused my work around the Salesforce ecosystem. While my certifications speak about the depth of my expertise, it's my clients’ success that drives me. I've held executive level positions in technology and business from which I’m able to pull experience, enabling me to effectively understand, communicate, and deliver practical solutions. Understanding your business requirements and needs help me determine the best practices that are applicable to your business producing optimal results. I help my clients navigate their process improvement journeys creating automated solutions on the Salesforce platform. Contact me and let’s make your Salesforce experience more effective and profitable.



What My Client's Say


Patricia Hope Miles
Client Services Manager / Pathfinder Business Strategies, LLC

Out of the box thinking

He was always at least three steps ahead of us, bringing improvements, new ideas and out of the box thinking that saved us time and resources.

Rich Emery
President / ServiceMaster Green

Unique ability

His overall knowledge with IT processes, functions, Salesforce, along with his management & people skills has been beneficial to us in so many ways. He has a unique ability to take his knowledge to teach others.

Stephanie Weir
Web Filings

Respect and trust

Terry’s understanding of our business as well has his past business interactions allow him to be looked at by business leaders with respect and trust.

Angela M. Stallkamp
Hagie Manufacturing Company

Top notch expertise

Terry made a significant difference to our team with his top notch expertise, character, and leadership!

Deepthi Damaraju
Salesforce Administrator / Transamerica


I have worked with several people on this issue and no one was as helpful as Terry.

John Williams
Senior Consultant / BodyViz

Exceptional Salesforce Consultant

Terry Miller is an exceptional Salesforce consultant that I, and our entire team, highly recommend.

Jill Best
VP, Marketing / Premia Relocation Mortgage

Patient in providing insight

We knew we needed to utilize Salesforce to create efficiencies but didn’t know how. Terry was patient providing insight and small wins as our company began to see the possibilities of eliminating manual processes.



Why Me


 Are Looking for quality solutions from a proven leader in the field of customer management systems

 Want a consultant who's willing to listen to you and blend your industry knowledge with his Salesforce expertise

 Require more holistic approach that connects your systems and shares data

Then, I am the expert you’re looking for! You can be assured the solutions I bring are not only suited for your needs today but will position you for future growth. I put great value in keeping my skills updated to make sure I can deliver excellent results to my clients (check out my certifications). Let’s talk about your unique situation and begin designing the right solution for your needs. 

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