My name is Terry Miller and I’m an independent consultant.  I will help you transform your business processes, from lead nurturing to customer service. Using best practices, I design and develop solutions on the Salesforce Platform that enable greater efficiency, growth, and profitability. Let’s work together to gain more customers and keep them loyal to your brand by introducing the best solutions into every customer interaction. With over 30 years of experience architecting, implementing and leveraging technology, I have the expertise to help you succeed with Salesforce.

The key to a successful deployment of Salesforce starts with an effective design.
Terry has been designing systems for over 25 years and can help ensure you go down a scalable path. It is important to trust your system to someone who has a solid technical background and understands how they'll interact with Salesforce. Every situation is unique so let's talk about the best solutions for your needs.


The Awesome Admin is the heart and soul of Salesforce and their role evolves with every new release.
Keeping up with the changes while continuing to meet the needs of the business makes the role of the Administrator very demanding. Whether you need an expert to administer your system or you need one to help mentor your team, Terry is here to help you succeed.


The Salesforce Platform can be extended well beyond its declarative capabilities.
Although a declarative design is generally your best approach, there are times when you need more. Terry can work with you to design and build your custom solutions or help get your development team up to speed quickly.


Data Migration
The migration of existing data into any system presents a unique set of challenges.
Knowing what to bring into Salesforce and transforming it correctly can make or break user adoption. Be careful to not underestimate the level of effort required in this area; it's almost always more complex than it first appears.


Most businesses leverage multiple technologies to meet their business needs.
Getting them to talk with each other can move you from good solution to great solution. Let's explore the possibilities that will provide your business with a competitive edge.


Are you a Salesforce Partner needing to augment your consulting team? Contact me and let’s explore a mutually beneficial partnership.
I treat your customers with the same care I treat my own. I have extensive experience serving in both business and IT leadership. This allows me to relate to your client’s and present solutions in a clear way. At the end of the day, we both succeed when our customers are happy.


Every client engagement includes an aspect of training, either formal or informal.
Leaders provide their staff the resources needed to be effective in their roles. Terry will be that resource and work with your team to help ensure they are able to. He will also assist in the training of your user group.



Years in Business Leadership


Years of Salesforce® Experience


Happy Clients


Salesforce Certifications


Who am I?

I grew up in the Midwest and make my home in central Iowa.  With a degree in Business Administration, I have spent over 20 years focused on business leadership and information technology.  My professional career started as a PC support technician and rose to that of a Vice President in a multi-million dollar national healthcare organization.  It’s been a privilege to work with others to help them identify and reach their goals.  At the end of the day, I want to know that I’ve positively impacted those around me.  To me, that is success and that is what motivates me.

What makes me different from other consulting firms?

As an independent, I don’t have the overhead of the traditional brick and mortar consulting company. This allows me to bill at significantly lower rates while providing you a higher level of personal attention. When you call, you will reach me. I follow up with all voice messages or emails within one business day and often sooner. My customers like the personalized attention I provide them. There is no cookie-cut approach. You will never be treated like a number. I always approach your business as if it were my own.  I truly want to help you succeed.

How long have I been working with the Salesforce Platform?

I’ve been working exclusively with the Salesforce Platform since 2008.  Because the Platform has expanded significantly over the last several years, I focus my expertise on the Sales and Service Clouds. However, I stay close to the capabilities of Salesforce’s other Cloud offerings and can refer you to other partners who focus in those areas, when needed.

What is my working relationship with Salesforce?

I am an independent consultant.  I do not work for Salesforce.  Although I am a strong advocate for the Salesforce products, I am able to represent you and recommend solutions that best meet your needs.

Is the work completed Onsite or Remotely?

Projects can be successfully completed either onsite or offsite.  Face-to-face meetings can be helpful depending on the complexity of the project.  I use online meeting tools, as needed, to help minimize travel costs. Ultimately it’s your choice and I have the ability to accommodate either approach or a combination of the two.

Do you provide one-on-one support or training?

I’m happy to provide individualized support and/or training. My clients often tell me they have learned “so much” from me.  I will work with your team to help them become more efficient and confident in their use of Salesforce.

How does the typical project engagement work?

Should you choose to proceed after our initial free consultation, a simple hourly agreement will be provided for signature.  We’ll then proceed with a project scoping meeting.  I’ll provide you with a rough idea of how long I would expect the work to take. Then with your approval, begin the work.  Updates will be provided on whatever schedule is desired.

What types of projects have I worked on?

I’ve had the privilege to work on projects of all sizes and scopes.  Some projects have been purely administrative where I’ll configure the Platform to best support the business process.  Some involve the creation of custom objects or analytics.  Others have involved the creation of custom code, custom screens or integration with of third party projects or systems.  I have clients as small as a single user and will over a thousand active users.

What is the key to a successful implementation of Salesforce®?

The importance of executive support is critical.  I can build the very best solution possible but without the support of the senior leadership, it will rarely succeed.  While we work together, I will ask questions to ensure we are getting leadership the information they desire. This will allow us to gain and keep their support.  Engaged leadership will help drive adoption throughout the organization.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you have learned something new and I've been able to help you solve a problem. Come back often and reach out anytime you have a question. I want to help you succeed.
Terry Miller

Salesforce Certified Application Architect

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